Free drinking water to all!

We at Freewa believe that all humans are born free. Free to walk the Earth, to breathe clean air, and to drink free, clean water – all of these representing basic human rights. Furthermore, we believe humans also hold responsibility to defend these rights for the generations yet to come. This will be our contribution to the Earth. Support Freewa, a Croatian project for drinking water sources preservation. Freewa is a Croatian product – a web platform, a mobile app for mapping free drinking water locations worldwide, and an eco water bottle with a bag. By buying a Freewa bottle, you're turning an idea of clean drinking water free to all into reality. Let's prove together that initiatives from small Croatia can change the world.

One billion thirsty

According to the UN's research, one billion people on Earth doesn't have access to medically safe drinking water. Only 2,5% of water is drinkable. Almost 10% of all the world's diseases would not even exist if water supply, sanitary conditions, and hygiene were improved, and if water resource management was on a higher level. That would, in return, also lower child mortality rates, improve human health and food status in a sustainable way.

Two trucks of plastic end up in oceans every minute

Plastic is a material that the Earth cannot degrade, which represents a large environmental problem. Huge plastic islands that systematically destroy all wildlife are formed in the oceans, which undoubtedly affects human health, too. We can recycle plastics the proper way, but we can also switch to using glass, the most natural material for water preservation that is also 100% recyclable.

Croatia is third in the EU for its abundance of water

According to the UNESCO's report on water resources, created by monitoring conditions in 188 world countries, Croatia holds third place within Europe for its richness of renewable drinking water. So, there's clean and drinkable water for all, but we have to start managing this treasure more smartly.

Freewa begins
“Mapping world sources”

Join us and become a part of a community that promotes free drinking water usage. Become a part of the Freewa World Water Movement via Freewa website and mobile app.

About the Freewa App and website

Freewa mobile app is free and available to everyone! Get the app and join the mapping of all world drinking water sources and fountains movement. The mobile app is easy-to-use, and the website map can be viewed in your browser as well.

Freewa bottle THANK YOU and eco felt bag

Freewa bottle is made of glass and bag is made of recycled PET bottles which can be recycled again. The most beatiful word you can hear and say to a human being, to nature and to water is THANK YOU! So we wrote Thank you in 12 different languages on the first Freewa bottle edition.

Freecrew and partners

What makes us a great team is our shared water passion and a dream to do the job we love, and that does good to the nature, environment, and the generations yet to come. We're design, marketing and sales experts who bring all people who share our vision together. We live in Croatia, a beautiful country rich in drinking water, and we develop ecological products and services with passion, always putting environmental protection, development of the local community and the economy first.


Mihaela Ivanec, Law & Finance Dept. & PR / Marko Rašić, Art Direction & Design
Vedrana Vrabec, Art Direction & Design

Project team

Advisor: Dražen Nikolić / Indiegogo video: Siniša Josip Starčević, Marko Dimić / Indiegogo Campaign Concept & Production: Start_aparat / Mobile App & Website Developer: Lloyds / Brand Photo: Saša Četković / Product development & Cap 3D Printing: Centar za aditivne tehnologije FSB Sveučilište u Zagrebu / Bottle 3D Plexiglas Model: Vetropack / 3d Simulations: Elvis Tomljenović / Legal Advisor: Marija Gregorić / Financial Advisor: Petar Rašić / Digital marketing advisor: Andrea Vrabec / SFZGB Mentors: Gorjan Agačević, Igor Jurić / Biologist, freelancer, monitoring: Marko Doboš Visual Identity & Product Design: Rašić+Vrabec / Product Concept: Mihaela Ivanec, Marko Rašić, Vedrana Vrabec

Local production and partners

PBy manufacturing in Croatia (EU), we are stimulating the local economy and creating jobs. We cooperate with innovators and the best experts in development, production, marketing, advertising and art, and we reinvest a part of the profit into socially responsible and ecological water projects.



Freewa is supported by Socially responsible companies

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